The beginning of the business is based on a vision of the future must be completed, and in light of the modern technological changes and evolving world witnessed and which led to the emergence of a new revolution in the form of global trade, was necessary to keep up all those developments, since the first day and our goal is Providing quality products and services according to the latest international standards and working on continuous development. Our goal is continuous development.

We strive to attract, develop and retain the best talent. We do our Best to improve the services and products offered to our customers. We also work to maintain quality and discrimination to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We have established this website to Company definition, identify the services and products we offer, and communicate with our customers directly and easily. We are always pleased to receive your suggestions and inquiries.

About Us

NASA International General Trading is a Kuwaiti company, which is the exclusive agent of the British company

British Healthcare International (MACLAN GROUP)

British Healthcare International (NUTRITION GROUP PLC)

The British company is one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom specialized in the field of cleaning and sterilization, and all its products are killing all microbes, viruses and bad odors, and all products are certified (ISO 9001 & GMP & EN Number) NASA International obtained approvals from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for all products received.

NASA International Owen a good reputation in the field of fire alarm systems and firefighting. NASA International is registered with the General Directorate of Fire and it’s registered with the Central Agency for General Tenders as a supplier and contractor, as well as registered with medical warehouses, Kuwait Ministry of Education, Kuwait University, Public Authority for Environment, General Authority for Sport, General Administration of Civil Aviation, Kuwait Airways, Etc.).

NASA International has become the Exclusive agent to products of the Iranian company MAHRAM for food products, and has become the sole distributor of the company’s products within the Kuwaiti market, NASA International is unique in providing all engineering and construction services to all its customers.

With this expansion, NASA International was required to have a skilled and efficient workforce. NASA International is working to provide the best products and provide the best services, taking into consideration that it is appropriate to the economic, social and climatic conditions in Kuwait. To provide more services to the largest number of customers while maintaining the trade name (NASA International General Trading).

Our Mission

To form a team dedicated to provide high quality customer products and services with the latest International standards and best practices, we offer additional features to our customers with the highest quality standards in line with the requirements of the Kuwaiti market.

Our Vision

achieve success and create new standards by providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers, our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards and help customers to turn their goals into reality on the ground.

Our Strategy

We are fully aware of the great importance of the concept of security and safety, so we are working hard to achieve them in accordance with a clear strategy.


  • Put the customer at the center of the event for everything we offer.
  • Conduct business according to professional and ethical standards.
  • Developing our products and improving our services, to satisfy our customer.
  • Do customer needs, and create marketing advantages.