Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Works

After the sudden spread of fires in buildings, hospitals and companies, and in order to protect save lives and because these buildings contain of expensive equipment must be protected from the risk of fire to avoid any loss of life or property, especially since the buildings contain a lot of materials that help to increase the fire, Provide these buildings with alarms and firefighting to avoid any losses of this kind.
We specialize in the design and implementation of alarms, control and ventilation systems for industrial, commercial and residential buildings according to the Gulf Code of Fire Extinguishing. We also study building plans and their approval by the General Directorate of Fire.
NASA International meets all the requests of small and medium enterprises where we implement applications of the General Directorate of fire until the project meets the requirements and extracts all the required certificates we have all kinds of firefighting equipment and Fire alarm. The commercial department of the company covers the needs of the labor market to supply the equipment and products necessary for the execution and maintenance of any fire extinguishing system, including the exclusive agencies and trademarks of the company. We design and execute all fire extinguishing equipment systems in buildings under construction with the highest quality and according to the international standards with the latest equipment. We have a specialized team of engineers, observers and certified technicians in the fire department, all types of projects are implemented under strict time schedules and integrated technical supervision until delivery. Specializing in maintenance of fire extinguishing systems & networks (firefighting, fire alarm, ventilation, special systems). We have a high level team that regularly visits the facility under a maintenance contract with the customers, We are ready to respond to any emergency around the clock.

Fire Fighting Works

  • Sprinkler Systems.
  • Hose Reels Systems.
  • Landing Valves Systems.
  • Deluge Systems.
  • Foam Systems.
  • FM 200 Systems.
  • Fire Pumps & Controls.

Fire Alarm Works

  • Automatic Systems & Manual Systems.
  • Voice Evacuation Systems & Analogues Systems.
  • Addressable Systems & Door Monitors Systems.