Micro Clean is an environmentally friendly Biological Waste Digester product that is scientifically formulated to solve cleaning and maintenance problems which cannot be tackled effectively with conventional cleaning chemicals. It is a unique product that contains combinations of specially selected friendly bacterial strains and enzymes that work together to biologically degrade all types of harmful and unsightly organic soiling, remove stains, sanitise, and eradicate foul odours. Such tasks and results cannot be achieved using traditional cleaning chemicals. This multipurpose and advanced product is prefect for use on hard surface and fabrics in Hospital, Nursing Homes, Catering Facilities, Prisons, Homes, Schools, Etc . A little Micro Clean will also cure and prevent odours around urinals and any area contaminated with body fluids ( such as operating theatres), as well as from pipes in sinks, bathes, showers, and hitchens waste units.


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